Your tailor-made web development agency!

Your tailor-made web development agency!

Your tailor-made web development agency!

The choice of the top web development company in Islamabad is an essential choice for anyone looking to boost the pace of their online endeavors. Esokia has achieved success in mastering over the past 12 years the processes and methods of developing e-commerce websites as well as the creation and redesign of websites, mobile apps or customized SaaS applications.

In the context of our 360-degree agency with expertise in web design, devops, data science, our teams of web developers have extensive experience in the creation of high-performance, secure and long-lasting technical architectures made using open source technology .net solid and solid and reliable Java frameworks, which are widely utilized all over the world.

The web-based agency we work with is proud to have developed strategies and know-how that are based on security, innovation and efficiency.

Pedagogy is central to our processes to ensure high-quality interactions with our clients that is the basis of Web-based projects for development.

The web manager, or the Product Owner can assist you with the creation of your specifications, including functional, technical and functional specifications. They will also guide throughout the process using an agile approach in the initial design phase as well as throughout the duration of the project and ensuring the development of applications as quickly as possible to meet your requirements, while avoiding negative consequences.

What is Web development?

Development is an essential stage in the creation of websites, whether it's a mobile app that's responsive or mobile apps. It's the process of developing an online site using an advanced language. By using computer-programming languages such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript or even PHP developers can develop programs that can be run by computers. Instructions are posted via the Internet for them to be executed by servers .

It generally covers the aspects that are involved in the development of websites that will be located on the Internet or intranet.

What is the reason you require an agency for web development?

A professional agency can assist you speed up the process of developing your idea and make use of abilities they don't have internally or aren't vital to the company. A lot of agencies have full-stack developers , which means that they can work on their back-office as well as the front end .

front and back End Agency for Web Development

The most frequently used words to describe the difference can be "the primary is the thing a user sees, feels and experiences, while the reverse is what he cannot see".

It is the term"front-end" is all components of the website we see, which includes the interfaces, to provide a user-friendly experience as well as ergonomic. Every programming language used by a front End designer will interpreted by the browser on the computer, resulting in a "visual" result. Our web development company has the required technological expertise (HTML CSS HTML, JS, and HTML) to create the user interface and enhance the experience of users more real .

The back-end is regarded as the "hidden" but incredibly important component of the digital project. The developer is responsible for installing, configuring and managing the server as well in managing the databases (mysql ...) of the website's database).

However, here at Esokia we've decided to split the development teams into two groups, so that they can specialize in these two areas.

The infrastructure that is used in our web development firm

To determine the most suitable technology for your digital venture Our web development company provides a variety of programming languages, frameworks and CMS, a content management software that you can utilize.

Our web-development methodology firm?

The web-development company uses various well-known methods for the development of websites and various other initiatives. Three of the most popular ones are:

  • Agile method
  • scrum method
  • Method V

Esokia: your web development agency!

Our agency also provides clients with the option of a complete SaaS web site or software . This means that she'll go through the various design phases of your web-based project, beginning with our Product Owners and Designers by completing Web Design - UX/UI , and then web development. After the website is created We conduct tests to find and fix issues on your website. We also adapt them to any device (desktop and mobiles, tablets, etc.)) to ensure they are mobile-friendly or responsive . We'll ensure that they automatically adjust to the dimensions of the screen they're shown on.

The web-development firm has many corporate profiles, large account, ETIs, SMEs, Startups in a range of industries.

to improve your natural referencing and position in the search engine (SEO) and also to manage how your website content is created. Our web integrators and developers work with the Digital Marketing team .

Esokia also offers Third-Party Application Maintenance that ensures your systems are functional and safe once they've been built.

We can also assist you on the most suitable web hosting solution for your site by delivering a custom service to ensure the performance and security, as well as the speed and accessibility of your website, e-commerce or internet.


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