POS is making it's own Market.

POS is making it's own Market.

POS is making it's own Market.

A retail location (POS) Programming is where a client executes the installment for labor and products and where deals expenses might become payable. A POS Programming exchange might happen face to face or on the web, with receipts created either on paper or electronically. The Product works in both on the web/disconnected mode impeccably. We are one of the presumed organizations that give you the best POS Programming in Bangladesh. 

BASE POS Programming Coordination with BASE ERP 

BASE POS coordinates with BASE ERP to underscore business availability. The framework gives you the authorization to empower deals orders, tank estimation, deals return, and stock, and so forth for better execution. BASE ERP decreases the manual section weight of the framework. it effortlessly added into the framework naturally. 

How BASE POS Programming Functions? 

The entire usefulness works from a focal server from the BASE POS administrator that goes about as a virtual stock. With this framework, clients can put orders from various outlets in both on the web and disconnected mode. When coordinated with online request submitting or taking request from portable application this will hit the virtual stock likewise. 

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