A Magnificent Multicultural Wedding with the Bride in Pastel Outfits

A Magnificent Multicultural Wedding with the Bride in Pastel Outfits

A Magnificent Multicultural Wedding with the Bride in Pastel Outfits

Age is just a number when we see our partner today. Our bride was 7 years younger than Groom and he was very dense about his decision that he did not want to marry a foreigner who was older than him. Their meeting was repaired by family friends together, our bride had planned that he would make reasons and escape but fate had several other plans for him. He left and continued talking to him for 4 hours. Then our best wedding planners in udaipur get this chance to make their special day more special.

Come on, come again on the groom and the bride when they say love happens and definitely no longer exists, they realize that they want to marry each other. Isn't that adorable? The couple had a multicultural wedding in Udaipur and their wedding pictures were absolute heaven and beautiful brides in pastel clothes making our hearts beat.

This Bride In Pastel Outfits And Her Wedding Has Taken the Social Media By Storm:

1. Engagement Ceremony

Our bride imposes Manish Malhotra Lehenga engagement and makes her room look fine with a loose curl.

2. Sangeet Ceremony

We loved the Sangeet ceremony and we were all the eyes for the Sangeet clothing of this pair. The couple is well coordinated where the groom wears a beige kurta jacket and the bride wearing the Ombre Lehenga in Pastel and Rani Pink Hues. The full sign for the bride is noisy and looks strange.

Isn't that Matha Patti and beautiful Floral Kade also charming?

3. Cocktail Ceremony

Glam and gala define cocktail function. Their party is a pleasant and live affair with beautiful decor, which also has #bridegroom wedding tags

Our bride looked a star in her brilliantly from a pink baby cocktail dress and red flower work with separation hairstyle and diamond jewelry. Brides-to-be, who look for ideas for pastel clothes, steal some ideas from this stunner.

Look at this trendy designer dress for cocktails and receptions.

4. Wedding ceremony

When they decided to tie the knot according to the two traditions so the first was Hindu marriage. We could not take views of our bride and his fashion choice. He wore the Pink Anamica Mustache Khanna Lehenga with silver embroidery on it.

Do you want to know, where to buy Anamika Khanna Lehenga?

Really going to Gaga on a wedding jewelry, tie the diamond necklace and the headband style of Matha Patti.

5. Sikh wedding.

The second marriage that happened was Sikh's marriage and the bride and groom redefined elegance at Mint Green Pastel Lehenga and contrast jewelry.

We cannot take a view from our bride in the look of the bride Sikh and the extra brownies point to wear Mint Green Punjabi Jutti matching which complements its appearance.

We hope our bride is very happy and happy in front. We really admire this bride in pastel clothes. We believe he has inspired a lot with his amazing pastel clothes don’t miss the "luxury" official wedding planners in udaipur and other cities for your dream wedding planning.


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