Can You Trust Your Mover?

Can You Trust Your Mover?

Can You Trust Your Mover?

Do you want to relocate your house with professional packers and movers in Mumbai, but you have doubt whether you can trust the moving company or not? Thinking this question while moving house with a local packers and movers in Mumbai is quite normal. Most companies cost higher moving fees and do not deliver the quality service as promised. So, in that case you will have to be sure you are hiring a reliable, professional, and experienced moving company in Mumbai to relocate your house.

There are certain good qualities of a good packers and movers Mumbai. If you want to know whether you can trust your moving company or not then you will have to search for those qualities in your movers. Yes, you can trust your mover and packer if they have the following qualities: -

Website and office

Having a good website is a sign of a reliable moving company. While browsing the site you can check the company’s history, their specialization and also their contact details. All the reputed moving firms have a physical address. If your moving company also have an organized headquarters then you can expect a safe and smooth delivery of your belongings.

Good reviews and ratings

One of the best qualities of the moving agencies is having good customer reviews and business ratings. If you find good and positive reviews it means you can trust the company. But, make sure the reviews are genuine and not fake. You can also ask the mover to provide some references from past customers.

They don’t ask for large deposits

It is common to pay in advance to movers. But if the mover is confident enough and trustworthy then you are not required to pay large deposits to the movers. And when you pay a large deposit then the chances of getting problems become higher.

Conduct pre-move survey

Before providing an estimate the movers conduct a pre-move survey. They check for the types of the goods you have to shift on the basis of which they will know the type and quantity of the packaging materials are required to pack the goods. They will ask several questions during the survey to know your requirements. After discussing each and everything they will give you complete estimation of the move including service taxes, GST, toll tax and other taxes.

Transit insurance and protection

Every reliable moving company provide transit insurance facility. This ensures safe delivery of the consignment and if not then the movers will compensate the loss.  So, you can stay relaxed while moving with them as all the damage costs will be recovered through insurance coverage.

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So, these are the top qualities of a reliable and trustworthy movers and packers in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad, or any other cities in India. If you find all these qualities in your moving agency then you can surely trust them and handover your possessions to relocate them safely and smoothly to the desired address.


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