Checks for Payment Security - How to lose a Customer in Three Easy Steps

Checks for Payment Security - How to lose a Customer in Three Easy Steps

Checks for Payment Security - How to lose a Customer in Three Easy Steps

One of the most recently discovered ways to lose golden dumps customers on the internet is to inform them they're not trustworthy and most likely used a stolen credit/debit card to make a purchase.

An accountant/finance manager can put the business' needs ahead of any expectations from customers. This means speedy order processing and delivery. No matter how many troublesome punters disappear, when the benefit is removing the issue of payment.

Step 2 - Don't tell the truth, or at least attempt to stay clear of it.

It is, of course completely possible that the items ordered never goldendumps login existed in the first place. It is possible to place an indefinite delay to the "security" process, while the item(s) are being sourced. This could be a great way to get around this. Any communication with customers that aren't smart enough to voice their concerns will be hidden in the form of emails. Or better still, respond via the website. It is absolutely forbidden to provide a number for inquiries from customers.

The site, of course is silent on the "security check" process, or the impact it could have on delivery of orders. Also, cancellation of orders be accepted without a hefty "restocking cost" regardless of whether the order wasn't processed at all and subject to the security check. Id indeed such information are posted on the site of the company the information will appear in the smallest format and hidden in the "terms and conditions" section. This is the section that is under the marketing blurb that most customers won't see.

Step 3. Never comprehend why an order is necessary immediately

The customer will receive an email within a couple of days after placing the order. The email informs the customer that "a small amount was credited" to his account at a bank. He/she must reply with the amount, the maiden names, his dog's most loved snack food, and the color of his underwear. When the answers are given to the satisfaction of the seller, each effort is made to ship the order in the near future. ("Yes Minister") The followers of the group will be familiar with the phrase "in the fullness and time"

It is worth noting that not all major sellers who DO possess their own outlets offer the online purchase option use exactly the "security" procedures described in this article. The perspective of the finance director is simple: If goods were urgently needed, why did the idiot visit a bricks and mortar store?


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