Dubai Desert Safari - An Experience

Dubai Desert Safari - An Experience

Dubai Desert Safari - An Experience

I've always been enthralled by luxury desert safari dubai but never had actually loved it after arriving. The concrete structures, shiny roads and heaps of cheap Chinese electronic goods made me feel like I were in a human constructed concrete model city.

I was recommended by a friend to take a Safari through the desert. It is known as the desert Dune Safari I contacted one of my contacts in the travel trade to organize the Safari for me. He was able to do it quickly.

Around 4pm, Around 4PM the Safari driver phoned me and informed me he was waiting on me outside the gate of the apartment building I was staying in. I was ready and was actually waiting to be fetched to this so much discussed, and talked about, trip in Dubai. I went to the airport and introduced my self to the friendly Iranian Driver , who was an extremely pleasant to be around. He asked me to sit on the first seat. Then we headed to a hotel , where he needed to pick up three more tourists. We drove around Dubai for a bit. It was basically the same.

Driver directed us to stop at an establishment selling cold drinks where he deflated the air in his wheels, there were at least 20 Jeeps parking and doing exactly the same procedure. The tourists were taking some drinks and cookies for the trip.

The driver then walked up to us and told us we were ready, as did we. We started off. Drive took a left turn onto an easier road, and then all of a sudden we were driving on a dirt road we were driving in the sand. Wow that was the first ever natural thing I witnessed in the desert. We walked on the dunes and we were accompanied by our Safari driver drove down a tall sand dune and just at the top he quite relaxingly descended down the dune. two ladies behind him nearly laughed, but they had a blast and so did I. There were other tactic like driving on the shoulder of the dune and then doing a 180 degree turn, blowing sand in the air etc.

We were at a camel ranch which was a great moment. Later, the driver ushered us into a camera which was a lot different then the concept of a camp I had it was a deserted and settled restaurant what a Dancing podium couches and a bar, shop etc . Although not a lot interesting for me , but the guests had a great time. Buffet Dinner was laid and there were about 150 guests lining up with their plates picking up different dishes typically Arabian and Indian as most of the tourists were Indians & Iranians apparently. As the dinner started an Russian girl in a sensual clothes came on the stage and danced in a stunning Arabian dance. Everyone was impressed by the dance and music and my mind started thinking about this as the most memorable part of any visit to Dubai.


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