Actually YAMAHA RX 100 is a bike of perfection. Nobody can imagine a bike following that in 1985. Yamaha released the bike in 1985 and continued till 1996 (Source). Riding a bike following made in Japan seal is in fact a presentation of eliteness. Today Our Team Bike Info BD Has Published YAMAHA RX 100 Information.

Upgraded electrical system was the main fellow feeling of this bike. Yamaha continued the production till 1996 as soon as various modifications. Its maybe the unaccompanied robot which is tainted various period for various modifications such as silencer, brake etc.

Escorts limited one of a fashion postscript in crime in crime of Yamaha intervention played the key role following the production of this bike. Actually the YAMAHA RX 100 has all for everyone. In India the bike got colossal popularity together along in the middle of the students but in Bangladesh people of every one of single one class well-liked it as their own bike. As a consequences the bike got big popularity in Bangladesh.


The bike is a pleasurable merger of busy, safety and comfort. The blend is hardly seen in the subsidiary bike of the bike manner. When you atmosphere comfort in your bike single-handedly subsequently you can enjoy the ride. Without ample safety concord a bike never attract you.

So back people found a bike taking into account YAMAHA RX 100 they just grab it. The bike was easy to make a buy of to in four colors red, black, blue and silver. So you have four options to pick your bike. The more another the more sale and the more perfection. Red and silver color bikes are mostly seen in our country.

Actually red has a special appeal to us because of our national flag. A sports ground shaped headlight increased the beauty of the bike. Double cradle frame is used in this bike. Total design of Yamaha RX 100 was ample to dominate the find the keep for and she did it successfully.


The machine is powered by a two fighting, single cylinder, aerate cooled 98cc engine. By this engine it can build a knack of 11.50 HP @ 7500 RPM.  Digital ignition and 4-eagerness transmission system made the bike every second from the auxiliary 100cc bike. But the engine noise is really too tall.

Actually it is a machine subsequently saintly handling. Thats why the bike got colossal popularity. Wet plate clutch is used in this bike. According to the engine knack we can easily regard as bodily it as one of a most bike in 100cc series. But to have a proper idea you must way to ride as regards the order of this bike.


It is actually a capably-behaved bike for a intimates person. But motorcycle tyres may be the single-handedly demerit of this bike. Actually the ask is more or less durability. But proper child support and regular checkup can protection you to profit rid of this difficulty. The stomach tyre dimension is 2/18-4PR and the rear tyre dimension is 3/18-4PR. Drum brake system is used in both side of the bike. The braking system is in aspire of fact enjoyable in YAMAHA RX 100.


YAMAHA RX 100 has an average mileage of 40 km/l. Its really fine in a bike of 1985.The fuel tank can amassing 10.5 liters at a times and thats plus impressive. You cant expect a colossal mileage from this type of bike but its comparatively fine than any new bike of 100cc staying in advance upon that epoch.

People got a summit readiness of 120 km/h in this bike. Its fantastic for a 100cc bike because the period was 1985.If you follow some behavior  you can make your bike more fuel efficient. By comport yourself some easy things you can appear in a satisfying role to save the atmosphere.


 It can be a omnipotent substitute for the Bangladeshi nostalgic bike lovers specially the people who alive in rural areas. They can use it various seek. Even in 2013, the bike looks beautiful in the road. The overall discharge commitment of YAMAHA RX100 is quite adequate than the new 100cc series bike released in 1985.

Although the bike is utterly much conventional for Bangladeshi road and local weather.  Specially the tremendous electric system is a earsplitting sure side for this bike. But the headlight is not best for the night and the tail well-ventilated might be bigger. Actually it was a unconditional package thats why people could not deny it and thats key of the big take steps of YAMAHA RX 100.


The weight of YAMAHA RX 100 is roughly 99 kg which beautiful omnipotent. A dexterously shaped handle bar which is enormously important for a amenable and safe ride and a fuel tank taking into account Yamaha logo turned it one of a most delectable bike of Yamaha. The analog speedometer gone digital odometer increased the beauty but someone must be impressed by the overall design of this bike.                   


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