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Why and which one is the best platform for your website dev?

There are many platforms for developing a websites. Though, it is very important for one to know which platform is best . Let’s take a look at some of them way to develop a best website.  


WordPress is a...

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How to display woo-commerce product category name image and link by custom query

How to display WordPress woo-commerce product category image, name and category link by using a custom wordpress query or function. View the blew image if you want to show this product category image so this post is for you.

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How to Display WordPress Posts From Category Within a Custom Taxonomy?

400x166 At first you need register a custom_post_type  in your functions.php file. So that your custom post type are display in wordpress admin panel. in functions.php file just past this function to register a custom_post_type


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How to show div and hide div click outside of the div or login form by using jquery

Do you want to display or show your div click on specific id and hide div click out side of the div. So this post is for you.

Lets have a example i have a login icon and when i click on that icon i will display a login form & when i cli...

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Disable button after submit form by JQuery or disable multiple form submission

Sometimes it happens, multiple form are submitting by click on submit button.

It may be happen by user who want to sure post submitted or not, then they click many time to sure the post is submitted successfully. 

So we need t...

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Text show more show less html css jquery

For show more show less First add this html design

<div id="footer-description">
	<div class="text show-more-height">
	 <p class="mt-3"> Why do we use it?
	It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted...
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Show more show less list or item with html jQuery

For show more item list and show less item list First we need to design a html view such as blew coding

<div class="item-wrapper">
  <div class="item-list">Product 1</div>
  <div class="item-list">Product 2</di...
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